What is a SuccessFactors WORKFORCE Metrics PDF Pack, and how can you use them?

The SuccessFactors Metrics Packs are key to understanding Workforce Analytics (WFA). We recommend that all of our customers read them at the beginning of an implementation, and keep them on hand even after Go-Live.

The SuccessFactors WFA technology is capable of building thousands of metrics based on data captured within the full suite. To make them easier to understand, use and implement, SuccessFactors break metrics and dimensions down into bundles, called Metrics Packs.

Metrics Packs are usually linked to a particular SuccessFactors module – for example this Core Workforce and Mobility pack contains information related to your core HRIS system - whether that s Employee Central or another Core HR system. Each metrics pack contains a full list of metrics and dimensions associated with a module, plus addition definitions and functionality information.

If you are just beginning your SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics implementation, or if you are refreshing your technical WFA knowledge, we recommend that all our customers begin with metrics packs. If you have any other questions about SuccessFactors WFA, you might like to check out our Top SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics FAQs.

If this is your first time reading a metrics pack, here are our recommended next steps:

  1. Read through some of ‘Key Business Questions’ (section 1.1) and start to consider what questions your organisation might need to answer.
  2. Spend time reading the definitions and sourcing information about Base Input Measures (5) and all dimension in section 6.
  3. Begin to think about how Derived Measures (section 7) and Result measures (section 8) could be used in your organisation.

You are now ready to start planning your Workforce Analytics implementation.