2023.02.22 SuccessFactors People Analytics How Workforce Analytics and Report Stories work together

SuccessFactors People Analytics: How Workforce Analytics and Report Stories work together?


SuccessFactors offers customers two people analytics and reporting tools: Workforce Analytics and Stories in People Analytics (or ‘Report Stories’). Used together, these technologies provide all the analytics and reporting functionality an organisation needs to kick start its people analytics journey.

In this webinar 3n Strategy people analytics experts will take attendees through Workforce Analytics and Report Stories: What are their strengths and weaknesses? What are their differences? How should they be used to create the optimal overall people analytics dashboard experience for your end users?

 What will be included in this session:

  1. What is Workforce Analytics and what is Stories in People Analytics?
  2. How do the tools complement each other and fit into a people analytics strategy?
  3. What HR questions are Workforce Analytics and Report Stories answering using SuccessFactors data – and what questions are they not?
  4. Demo: What does WFA and Stories look like?



Who is 3n Strategy?
We enable SuccessFactors customers to Make Better People Decisions using the HR data to answer HR question. We are SAP SuccessFactors partners that specialise in services related to People Analytics and Report Stories. For more information please visit www.3nstrategy.com.

For anything else, email contact@3nstrategy.com.